YETI – Youth Education Through Illustration

Conferences and Workshops


Conference : The long journey – Estúdio 408

We will present the path that led to the creation of our studio, our passions – with particular emphasis on animation, our process, and philosophy through our work. Simultaneously we will strive to describe the relevance of the narrative as the center of every project that we develop.


We invite you to explore and consider a focused approach to illustration and narrative, inviting you to explore working with imagination towards the specific goal of animation.

First, we will present our insights into the process with an example. Afterward, we invite you to develop a small concept art/ illustration exercise and prepare it for animation.


Conference : You are here

Who am I? Where am I going? What lies beyond? What was before? There are a lot of questions without an answer. In this conference, we will not find answers.

We’ll talk about discovering inspiration in the universe around (and also inside) us, and why questioning is so important to find new meanings.

Workshop : How can we transport an abstract idea into a piece of paper?

The starting point will be a single word. We’ll read it out loud many times, until we forget its meaning. We’ll add different words and explore new mediums to express our thoughts and feelings.



In this conference we are going to talk about our path in illustration and how subsequently MAGO studio’s risography printing project was born and how we manage both. We will also give a 101 lesson on this printing technique.


In this workshop we will take advantage of the plasticity of waste materials of the riso printing process -test sheets and used masters- with the purpose of creating a composition with these materials combination.



The books that didn’t leave the room, the library that grew, the storytelling, the making of books, drawings and illustration. What paths and possibilities are there – making illustration, artistic education and video.

What connects everything together – books, people, life decisions.


First we’ll prepare the paper we will use through paint, textures, ink stains or mixed colours. We’ll also write down some words that we connect with. Then we’ll shuffle everything and redistribute in the group so that each one of us can illustrate the word that someone else chose.

Together we’ll create a dictionary.


Conference : Travel sketchbooks and reportage drawings

From Delacroix to David Hockney, Henry Moore to Frida Kahlo, drawings made in travel sketchbooks show a genuine character of technical and artistic experimentation when compared to a blank sheet of paper.

Workshop : The Expulsion of the Sellers

Based on my doctoral research, we propose a technical drawing exercise based on two texts: a biblical, and another one by a contemporary author.

What is there to expel from the drawing?



I will talk about my influences, creative process, and working in different fields of image-making. Viewing illustration as a way of making sense of the world and navigating through it.


We will explore narrative qualities in figures based on everyday body postures. Starting from observations and introspections, we will experiment with elements of figure drawings to play with its possibilities of telling a story.